iTSpeeX Announces Partnership with “First Mover” Makino

ATHENA Technology to be Demonstrated by Makino at Upcoming IMTS 2018

Cincinnati, OHIO – Manufacturing technology incubator iTSpeeX and machine tool builder Makino have formed a strategic partnership to apply and enhance the first-of-its-kind ATHENA technology, which enables operators to interact with machine tools using simple voice commands.

ATHENA, developed by iTSpeeX, is the first ever voice-operated assistant technology created specifically for manufacturing work. ATHENA is designed to enable operators of all skill levels by simplifying human interactions with industrial machines. For example, with one voice request, ATHENA can search through a machine’s maintenance manual and display the needed information right at the machine.

Makino is the first mover for ATHENA, having applied the technology to both machining centers and wire EDM machines. Makino will demonstrate the use of ATHENA at the upcoming International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, IL on September 10 -15, 2018.

“Makino’s position as the first adopter of ATHENA is reflective of the company’s commitment to pioneering innovations in the manufacturing sector,” said ATHENA Chief Architect Dan Bagley. “We are pleased to have this partnership which will help to further shape the ATHENA technology capabilities through application in the true industrial environment.”

“Makino machines are smart enough to do more for operators,” said Makino CEO Don Lane. “ATHENA unlocks that potential and gives operators more ease of control. Adding ATHENA to a machine saves time, not just in training and onboarding new machinists but also in giving experienced machinists the information they need when and where they need it. ATHENA helps machinists make the most of the machine and their own skills.”

Importantly, ATHENA is platform neutral so the technology can work across multiple brands of machine. This capability is reflective of the shared vision of ATHENA as an industry standard for assistant technology.

“The success of ATHENA depends on the collaboration of OEMs like Makino who are committed to pushing the manufacturing industry to the next frontier,” added Bagley. “Other leading OEMs are already joining Makino in bringing ATHENA to their machines and to shop floors across the country and around the world.”

Learn more about ATHENA at and on Twitter and Facebook @AthenaWorksHere.

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