First Voice-Operated Assistant for Machine Tools Set to Revolutionize Manufacturing Industry

ATHENA, from iTSpeeX, to launch at IMTS 2018 in Chicago

Cincinnati, OHIO – A revolutionary new technology that enables operators to interact with machine tools using simple voice commands will be officially unveiled next month at one of the world’s largest industrial trade shows – the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) – in Chicago, IL on September 10 -15, 2018. ATHENA, from manufacturing technology incubator iTSpeeX, represents the merger of two spheres – the voice-operated technologies that make our lives more convenient and the machine tools that make manufacturers more competitive.

“From the time of antiquity, the name ‘Athena’ has been associated with wisdom,” said Dan Bagley, Chief Architect of ATHENA. “Throughout the ages, Athena has been depicted as a provider of counsel and guidance and an inspiration to humans seeking to find their strength and pursue their destiny. Similarly, our ATHENA technology listens to human machine operators and assists them in accurately and efficiently completing their tasks.”
ATHENA is unique because the interface is platform neutral. That is, ATHENA can work on a variety of different machines, regardless of brand. Moving between machines and control panels, operators can give the same instructions and get the same results. As a result, ATHENA has the potential to be a true industry standard for assistant technology.

“With the introduction of ATHENA, iTSpeeX is helping manufacturers double down on our industry’s most valuable resource – our people,” Bagley continued. “ATHENA was designed to empower and enable human machinists, not to automate them.”

The integration of ATHENA can significantly cut down on the required time and investment in training novice machinists by providing a simple, common interface for working with machine tools. ATHENA can also assist even the most skilled operators by giving them immediate access to information that was not previously available. For example, with one voice request, ATHENA can search through a machine’s maintenance manual and display the needed information right at the machine.

ATHENA will be on display at IMTS in a number of booths including the AMT Emerging Technology booth and in the booths of iTSpeeX partners and ATHENA early adopters Makino, Inc.; OKK USA Corporation; and Methods Machine Tools, Inc. Learn more about IMTS at

“There is no better place to showcase ATHENA’s revolutionary capabilities than at IMTS, the Super Bowl of industrial trade shows,” concluded Bagley. “IMTS provides a glimpse into what’s next in manufacturing and technology like ATHENA is going to be a big part of our industry’s future.”

Learn more about ATHENA at or on Twitter and Facebook at @AthenaWorksHere.

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