ATHENA is designed and delivered by manufacturing technology incubator, iTSpeeX, and is the product of a vast team of dreamers and doers from across the United States and around the world.


From the time of antiquity, the name ‘Athena’ has been associated with wisdom. Throughout the ages, Athena has been depicted as a provider of counsel and guidance and an inspiration to humans seeking to find their strength and pursue their destiny.

Similarly, the ATHENA technology listens to human machine operators and assists them in accurately and efficiently completing their tasks.

ATHENA is revolutionary, but also the natural next step for an industry that is pushing toward the future.

ATHENA represents the merger of two worlds – the voice-operated technologies that make our lives more convenient and the machine tools that make manufacturers more competitive.

ATHENA timeline

Fall 2018

ATHENA Beta Site Installations

February 2019

Launch ATHENA Version 1


ATHENA Updates with Advanced Features

Contact Team ATHENA

Team ATHENA is ready to work with you to create the next generation of machine capabilities and performance.

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